Forged in Aluminum
Built for Adventure

These trailers are like nothing we have seen before! Built to withstand all weather conditions and make any job a breeze.

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The Nordtek Difference

Our cutting-edge aluminum trailers offer a host of unmatched benefits that redefine your hauling experience. Our innovative designs ensure increased durability, handling, and towing efficiency; enabling you to haul further while saving money on fuel costs. At Nordtek, we are committed to providing our customers with aesthetically pleasing and built-to-last trailers through our vast dealer network across North America. Join the future of hauling today, and locate your nearest Nordtek-certified dealer below.

Why Aluminum?

Improved Durability

Aluminum’s natural resistance to rust ensures improved durability, and the increased ability to withstand the harshest environmental conditions compared to standard steel trailers.

Improved Handling

Aluminum’s greatly increased strength-to-weight ratio compared to steel allows for greater towing capacities, and lighter trailers; resulting in better handling on the road, and less strain on your brakes.

Improved Efficiency

With fuel prices ever on the rise, the massive weight savings provided by our use of aluminum substantially improves towing efficiency, saving you money at the pump.

Trailer Models